Hello, my name is Haydn Austin and I am the artist of the work on this web site I have had a passion for watching birds for most of my life, from a young lad who derived great excitement from finding a nest in the garden and watching the occupants during their short stay to visiting the Norfolk coast  with my family on summer holidays in later years, where there is so much to see.

My father was a brilliant artist, who never ceased to amaze me with his ability to create marvelous drawings with apparent casual ease. It wasn't until after his untimely passing in 1984 that I felt any inclination to draw myself.  From the initial basic  doodles on old computer paper to the end product you see today, has been an evolving journey over 30 years. I like to think my father would have been proud of my efforts.

I have spent countless hours watching birds, fascinated by their habits and most of all their colours, from the starling to the kingfisher, I have been captivated by them all, even the much maligned magpie. It has been my aim to capture these colours in my drawings, I hope I have done them justice.